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nie mase aku kt sekoloh kt kg aku same gan mase jamuan akhir tahun gan jamuan perpisahan budok-budok ting 6...

technical english

Technical English

Good or best friend
Understanding person can be describe as a good or best person in our life .For me definition at good friend is the person who can share everything either someone it can be person part of their life .Friends like this can be imagine like ‘DIGI’ where the trade mark is ‘I’ll follow you’.

Bed friend
Bad friends are the person who can’t understand their friends. That friend can be imaging like ‘CHIPMORE’ it is because sometime they can be close with us and sometime it is not .Friend like the actually like to get opportunity or take advantage on ourselves.

As conclusion, friends is something wonderful happen in life but we must also be smart in choosing friends, to get good friends, we should potray goodness in ourselves be for getting them. Hence, be a friend that others long to and a less you when we apart, because finding loyal and honest friend is like finding pearl beyond the stacks of glass.

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